Dealing with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

February 9, 2017

One of the unfortunate little gifts I received with my PCOS was anxiety and panic attacks. As a teenager, I was put on common anti depressants in hopes to get matters under control. Well, they made things worse, actually so bad I constantly thought I was dying.

I was introduced to natural progesterone cream after discovering I was chronically low in progesterone (another gift of PCOS) and one of the pleasant side effects was being able to ween off of the anti depressants. My mood improved greatly. It was then that I saw that anxiety and panic attacks were a small part of a bigger picture.

Here of some of the other steps I took to get the anxiety under control:

  1. Meditation – I did a body scan meditation twice a day, once in the morning and right before I went to bed. What’s great about a body scan meditation is it helps teach you to focus, and realize it’s ok that your mind may wonder and how you can help pull your focus back. I highly recommend downloading the app Calm for a series of meditations you can do anywhere.
  2. Life Coach – I can’t tell you how many therapists I saw who treated me by the book. I was told over and over again what was going on, but I was never taught how to cope with it. I came in contact with a life coach who was trained in different emotional release therapies like tapping. Not only did I work on releasing some of the negative emotions I developed because of my anxiety, but I also learned ways to cope with events in the moment. I also felt more like I was talking to a friend and not a paid professional, and that helped tremendously.
  3. Listening to my Body – I was in college when my panic attacks were the worst, and I eventually got to the point I had to drop my classes. Hindsight being what it is now, that was the best thing I could have done for myself. I had two internships, a full time job and a handful of classes to keep up on. When the demands on your body get to a boiling point, eventually your going to overflow and the anxiety sets in. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 40 million adults in the US 18 years or older are affected by anxiety disorders. As we get older demands become greater and we tend to take on a lot. I’m here to say it’s okay to take time to take care of yourself. If you miss a night at the gym, or skip a night out to relax, you have to take the time to refill your soul.
  4. Essential Oil – Peppermint and Lavender are amazing for moments when you need a fresh breath. I ingest that stuff daily 🙂

What ways have helped you deal with panic and anxiety attacks?

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