I Gave Up Social Media for a Week (insert gasps here) Here’s What I Learned

January 20, 2017

Every new year at the beginning  of the year, my church has a seek week, and a part of that week is fasting (either of the food kind, Netflix binging or social media). I’ve tried for a few years to give up social media for a week, failing miserably after the first day. This year, I actually did it. I made it 5 whole days without a tweet, like, selfie, or snap. Some in interesting things began to happen as the days passed, and I was forced to pay attention to the world around me.

The first day was pretty challenging. I’ve developed some pretty bad habits when it comes to social media, checking my phone first thing in the morning and consistently throughout the day. I turned off notifications to help me out. Seeing those pings throughout the day would have stopped me in my tracks. I found myself consistently checking my phone only to go to my email to fill the void, and even asked my husband what I missed out on Facebook during the day.

The interesting thing is as the days passed by, my desire to check social media decreased. I focused more on daily activities like work, and you know an actual conversation with my husband. I spend a portion of the time thinking about things that I really needed to focus on like my family, friends and career.

When I dive back in to social media, I plan on going in one foot first. No more mindless scrolling through feeds, but go directly to the posts and profiles I am interested in getting updates to. This also helps me gain a better perspective while promoting my blog, to only post information that’s important to the message I am trying to deliver.

Giving up social media is a lot easier than I thought, and gave me the opportunity to be more mindful about the world around me, and be more present. If your feeling overwhelmed by the hook that social media has on your cell data, or just want to be more present in your everyday life, I encourage you to take a little break from social media as well.

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