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Pan Roasted Adobo Chicken

pan roasted adobo chicken

Happy June everyone! Crazy to think this year has already reached the midpoint, seriously where has the time gone? We are getting to the part of the year where beach, tans and grilling are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. While this may not be cooked on the BBQ, this pan roasted adobo chicken is sure to be a favorite at any gathering. I used Primal Palate’s Adobo Seasoning, and I’m telling you it’s so good you’ll find yourself wanting...

Paleo Taco Salad

paleo taco salad

Tacos have been a staple of my diet for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, I remember my mom getting those corn tortillas from the local grocery store that you tossed in the oven for like 10 minutes and the sour cream, oh the sour cream. There was LOTS of sour cream. When I adjusted my diet to more whole food, nutrition based foods I didn’t want to leave my tacos behind. When I’m trying to...

Salmon Taco Salad

salmon taco salad

I love finding different ways to spice up and switch up my favorite fish salmon. This salmon taco salad fits the bill perfectly. This was the first time I’ve ever tried frying the salmon in a pan and it actually came out perfect. If your not a fan of the skin, fry it up and the skin will have such a perfect crisp you will not even notice it is there. I used a blackened seasoning on top of the...

Spinach Turkey Burgers

spinach turkey burgers

Man I dig turkey burgers, a lot. I mean in my hey day I was able to down beef hamburgers like there was no tomorrow, but I’ve always had a sweet spot for turkey burgers. I remember growing up my mom buying the Jenni-O ground turkey and chopping it into those cute little squares, served up with beans, cottage cheese and other stuff. It’s like Thanksgiving dinner, only in the form of a hamburger. When I make my spinach turkey...