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Happy New Year!!

I am so excited that I got the opportunity to start this blog and share all of the healthy tips I’ve learned along my journey and share them with you! There’s so many exciting things coming in 2017 including a monthly newsletter filled with tips, tricks and other deliciousness straight to your inbox. If you haven’t already, enter your email in the pop up once you go to the homepage to receive the first version in January. Here’s to a...

Emotional Eating, How Sweet It Isn’t

Emotional Eating

Ah emotional eating. Something I’ve had plenty of battles with. After a long stressful day, an argument with a loved one, or just because I wanted to, food would comfort me. It was always there for me when I needed it, I mean I saw it in my waistline, it was ALWAYS there. As I started my weight loss journey and looked at the food I ate, I also had to take a good hard look at the foods I...