Healthy Plantain Chips

healthy plantain chips

I’ll admit it, I’m a chip addict. There’s just something about that crunchy goodness that makes everything all better. I mean it makes everything all better, until the bag is completely gone. Now by no means am I saying eat this entire batch of healthy plantain chips, but feel free to enjoy these without the guilt brought on by regular chips. Plantains are a rich source of fiber and potassium, and also magnesium which can also help with everything from...

Roasted Sweet Potato Fries

I’m obsessed with sweet potato fries. They are the perfect paleo side dish, if I can find them with a turkey burger that’s a home run for me. I decided to try making them at home, and they really hit the spot. Unlike most processed sweet potato fries, when you make them from scratch your passing up the fillers and added sugars for spicy paleo side awesomeness. You can buy pre-cut sweet potato fries in the produce section of your...