Meal Prep Madness

meal prep

I’m sure every Sunday you see all those #mealprepsunday Instagram posts with elaborate meals that seem to take hours and costs hundreds to make. Well meal prep doesn’t have to be that way. I’ll walk you through how I navigate the store ads and save money on the products I need, and how to put together a variety of foods to make different meals that will keep your family going all week long! What Shall I Prep? I find it...

Paleo Coleslaw

paleo coleslaw

Coleslaw is one of those sides I’m always bummed out I have to skip at restaurants. There’s such a feeling of nostalgia with coleslaw, going to family picnics on a warm summer day chowing down on watermelon and coleslaw running around with no shoes and not a care in the world. When I switched over to a dairy free lifestyle, coleslaw was one of those things that had to go. Until now 🙂 Enter in Sir Kensington’s mayo to the...