Meal Prep Madness

meal prep

I’m sure every Sunday you see all those #mealprepsunday Instagram posts with elaborate meals that seem to take hours and costs hundreds to make. Well meal prep doesn’t have to be that way. I’ll walk you through how I navigate the store ads and save money on the products I need, and how to put together a variety of foods to make different meals that will keep your family going all week long! What Shall I Prep? I find it...

Happy New Year!!

I am so excited that I got the opportunity to start this blog and share all of the healthy tips I’ve learned along my journey and share them with you! There’s so many exciting things coming in 2017 including a monthly newsletter filled with tips, tricks and other deliciousness straight to your inbox. If you haven’t already, enter your email in the pop up once you go to the homepage to receive the first version in January. Here’s to a...