5 No Cost Self Care Ideas for the Busy Woman

May 8, 2019

These 5 no-cost self care ideas for the busy woman are the perfect way to release stressors, unwind and prevent yourself from going crazy without breaking the bank.

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Self-care is all the rage these days. From self-care Sundays full of meal prep and facials, it’s becoming more popular to take care of ourselves. While this is definitely a trend I can get behind, some self-care does come with a hefty price tag.

I’ll be honest, I’ve seen influencers going to saunas on the regular, or paying for expensive facials each month, and I wondered if that was what I needed to be doing to get healthy. I wondered if my self-care practices were failing because I didn’t open up the wallet.

The Science Behind Self Care

The thought that spending tons of money to take care of yourself is actually a misconception. According to an article on mindbodygreen.com, just stopping to smell the roses and appreciate your physical surroundings can help shift your perspective back to the present moment. How crazy is that, to keep your nervous system healthy, all you have to do is go outside and smell the flowers in your front yard? The same flowers you most likely walk past every day anyways.

Just because adaptogens or sauna memberships work for one person, doesn’t mean that they will work for another. We are all unique individuals, with unique needs. What our bodies need and crave for care doesn’t need to cost us our bank account or our happiness. Self-care shouldn’t cause more stress than what we are trying to get manage.

5 No Cost Self Care Ideas for the Busy Woman

Things to do by yourself

  1. Go for a walk – I can’t sing the praises of walking enough not only for the exercise but for mental release as well. When I was at the worst stages of my panic disorder, just a short walk down the street helped to lighten my mood. Get outside for at least 15 to 30 minutes a day and walk, especially if you spend most of the day indoors in front of a computer.

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  1. Journal – Journaling is so therapeutic especially if you spend most of the day stuck in your head like I do. It doesn’t have to be a set structure either, journaling can just be writing down words or drawing pictures, anything that helps you release pent up ideas or frustrations.
  2. Mediate – Meditation has been a game changer for me in dealing with my panic disorder. Spending at least 5 minutes a day in a meditative state helps to activate the parasympathetic state, something you can channel anytime you need it during the day. I highly recommend downloading the Calm app.

Things you can do with others

  1. Hugs! – Ok so don’t go around hugging random people, they might not respond to that well. But human connection is such a stress reliever and proven to boost serotonin levels.  Call up your best friend, plan a date night with your significant other, or download the Meetup app to connect with like minded people in your area.
  2. Set boundaries –  Setting boundaries is one of the best things we can do for our mental health and well being, but also for our relationships. Say no to the things and people who do not bring you joy or suck the energy out of you. Time is too precious to be spent with those who do not lift us up. Do not answer phone calls or emails from work past a certain time, or on weekends.

Self Care Should Not Break the Bank

See if you can incorporate one of these self-care practices into your daily routine this week and if they make a difference in how you feel. Self-care does not have to be expensive or overly complicated to be effective. Self care can simply be about checking in with yourself in the present moment. It’s about becoming more in tune with what your body needs. Self care routines are a great way to make sure that you are putting you first. Because at the end of the day, you are all you have.

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