About Me

losing it with melissa


Where I Came From

So both of these ladies in this picture are me. Two very different versions of me.

The girl on the left is 2006 me. Food was my comfort, my saving grace from the crazy world. I’ve never handled stress very well, and adult life sure came with it’s fair share. It’s crazy to think,  but in that picture I was pushing 200 pounds. Tired, weak, lot’s of acne, and not to mention the amounts of “how far along are you?” I got on a daily basis at my retail job ( I have no children btw, never been preggo) in the picture I’m smiling, but it’s hard to fathom that I was very happy. Come to find out on top of everything else, I have this wonderful little condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom that made gaining weight that much easier. I could just look at popcorn and gain 10 pounds. I also dealt with severe anxiety and panic attacks for much of my young adult life.

I don’t know what clicked, but in the summer of 2007 I decided to cut back on my portions. I mean I could eat a meal for a family in one sitting, now I was just eating for one. I didn’t change what I was eating, just how much. I started slowly going to the gym, walking on the treadmill here and there, nothing too crazy, but the weight slowly starting coming off. Seeing the number on the scale drop slower and slower each week was both agonizing, and satisfying at the same time.

Where I’m Going

That version of me on the right, that was after 5 years of changing the relationship I had not only with food, but with myself. Food only brought me comfort for a moment, it never solved the problem. I now have a much healthier relationship with food (with the occasional paleo cookie here and there). Weightlifting has also become my passion. I love it. For that one hour I dedicate to myself, there’s nothing else going on but pushing myself to be stronger. That me on the right is 60 pounds lighter and happier than ever.

Passion for Helping Others

My story has inspired me to share my stories with you, the fitness, nutritional and mental knowledge that I’ve learned along the way. Whether your dealing with PCOS or any other type of wall trying to hold you back, I want to encourage you today that if I can make the change and put my everything in to this, so can you.
You can follow me on Instagram at losingitwithmelissa to see the meals, exercises and types of foods I’ve discovered on my journey (in addition to the many adventures of my lab children Ace and Finn). I hope not only to share the things I love and keep me sane, but to inspire others to find their passion as well.
Best Wishes,

Disclaimer – I am not a medical professional, nor do I play one on tv. Any nutritional or fitness related changes should be discussed with your doctor before making any drastic changes.