When Eating Healthy Isn’t Enough – My Experience with Leaky Gut and Hashimoto’s Part 1

January 13, 2018

leaky gut

The main reason I started my blog was to be as transparent as possible with my health. I came to see that there are so many others out there who are suffering needlessly with their health, and I want to share my experience to hopefully guide someone to finding answers.

I started seeing a new functional doctor early last year, and I’m glad I did.

Here’s what we found.


leaky gut

Back at the end of October I did a full blood test. I am talking one of those blood tests where you are questioning if you have any blood left. I had put it off for so many months because I was anxious, but I’m glad I finally did it because it gave me some answers.

PCOS has been a part of my life since forever it seems like. Debilitating hormonal issues like cystic acne, period pains I could image felt like childbirth, etc. I took birth control pills for almost 15 years of my life to try to control these symptoms. When I got older I started to question what was really going on, so I stopped the birth control. Many of the hormonal issues continued on.

Which brings me back to the blood test. For the most part everything looked good, but my thyroid antibodies were elevated. This is a sign of Hashimoto’s. You can read more about Hashimoto’s here, but basically Hashimoto’s disease is when your immune system starts attacking your thyroid gland as if it is a foreign invader. I can’t say that I was surprised. My levels are at a point where it’s not attacking my thyroid yet, so I don’t need medication. I think part of that had to do with my way of eating.

It was during this appointment that my doctor also started to bring up leaky gut. I’ve had digestive issues as long as I can remember, and was always told it was IBS. During this appointment my doctor ordered a stool test. Boy was that fun.

Leaky Gut and Bacteria Overgrowth

leaky gut

I won’t get into the nitty gritty of what goes on during a stool test, but for someone like me who washes their hands like they are about to perform surgery, it wasn’t a thrill. But in the end it was worth it.

The test results didn’t show any inflammation, which is good. But it did show I have an infection of klebsiella oxytoca. I asked my doctor what could have caused this, and she mentioned leaky gut once again. I’m going to be doing a round of antibiotics which I can tell you I am not happy about, but there’s some points in life you have to look at the alternative. I will never get better with this bacteria multiplying like they own the place. No protocol will work with a bacterial overgrowth.

What is Leaky Gut

I’ve heard so much about leaky gut, since gut health is so hot right now. Long story short, these are some of the things that can cause your gut to be a little more permeable:

  •  Poor Diet
  •  Chronic Stress
  •  Bacteria Imbalance or Toxic Overload

I have participated in number 1 and 2 for most of my adult like, and the bacterial imbalance is a result. It was difficult for me at first. Not because of the healing that’s ahead, I’ve seen many people switch their lifestyles with these types of issues and now live full, vibrant lives. It’s because of the fact that I feel like I allowed this happen. I ate a pretty poor diet in to my late 20’s. I’ve never dealt with stress very well, and allowed myself to be treated horribly in many situations. I never put my health first.

But then I came to the realization that none of that matters now. It doesn’t change where I am at. I look at this as an opportunity to start new. I am starting a week of antibiotics to clear out the overgrowth, then I am really getting down the gut healing.

If you’ve dealt with autoimmune issues in the past or leaky gut, leave a comment in the section below about your experience to share with others!

Stay tuned for future blog posts on my gut healing journey, as well as some gut healthy recipes that I might stumble upon across the way 🙂



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