Exercise for Beginners

October 10, 2016

Exercise for Beginners

When I first started losing weight, exercising was the last thing on my “want to do list”. You start eating healthy and the weight starts falling off right? Food is half the battle, but unfortunatley you don’t wake up with abs from eating a salad (I wish).

When you start working out, it’s important to take it slow. Starting out too strong will cause burnout too fast, and it’s hard enough just stepping foot in the gym in the first place. In the beginning the cardio machines were my best friend. I walked into the gym at first and would only be able to do about 3 – 5 minutes on the elliptical machine and be exhausted. While that may seem pretty bad, I did it 5 times a week… consistently. Some people may enjoy walking on the treadmill more, whatever you enjoy it’s your journey. Over time I saw the weight starting to slowly burn off, and it motivated me to keep going.

Eventually over time I was able to make it up to 10, 20 even 30 minutes on the elliptical. Like I mentioned when doing beginners workout programs, it’s more important to build up your endurance than be able to lift a car over your head. I didn’t start incorporating weight training until I saw the weight starting to come off from the cardio.  I now do weight training 3 times a week, but that’s after a few years of getting my endurance up, and building up my relationship with the gym. I see it now more as my time, my hour a day that I dedicate to myself and the goals I have. I no longer see it as a chore or too challenging. It only takes the spark to start the flame🙂

What types of workouts do you find the best and most motivating? Leave a comment😉


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