Matcha Latte with Almond Milk

June 4, 2017

matcha latte

Matcha is so hot right now. It’s everywhere you look from trendy shops to desserts and everything in between. I’ve been wanting to see what all the fuss is about, but was a little nervous because of the caffeine. I have quite the sensitivity to caffeine (it sends my anxiety in to overdrive) so I tend to stay away from anything that boasts it’s caffeine level.

Matcha is Your Friend

But after doing a little research on matcha, I also came across one of its mighty benefits in L-Theanine. L-Theanine in a rich compound in matcha, and it promotes a state of relaxation by increasing the neurotransmitter GABA. In short, it helps you to chill while giving you the energy to power through the day. So while the caffeine gives you the boost of energy, the L-Theanine can help you stay focused and calm throughout your day. Matcha also contains tons of antioxidants including chlorophyll and polyphenols and vitamins including A, C, E and trace minerals like selenium, magnesium and zinc.

Matcha Latte with Almond Milk

So on to the good stuff – the recipe. You can make a matcha latte a million different ways, but I prefer my matcha latte with almond milk. I like to use milk that has vanilla, so I do not need to use a sweetener for the matcha latte.

For the longest time I was just tossing everything into a blender and hoping for the best, but then I got a milk frother and my life changed forever. It is so simple to make your own matcha latte with almond milk  at home with just a few ingredients and a little determination. I also like to add in my l-glutamine supplement to my matcha for extra gut healing.

Matcha Latte with Almond Milk

Matcha Latte with Almond Milk



  1. Pour the matcha and cinnamon into a small cup. Add water and whisk until the matcha and cinnamon is dissolved (you can use a bamboo whisk, or a milk frother).
  2. In a larger separate glass, pour in the almond milk or coconut milk and fill with ice. Make sure you still have about 3/4 of the cup left to pour the matcha.
  3. Pour the matcha over the almond milk or coconut milk, and using a spoon, stir until combined. You can add any sweetener of choice at this point, but I also use vanilla milk so I don't feel like I need any sweetener!
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