Yoga: A Better Alternative to Losing Your Mind

October 25, 2016

I was always skeptical of the benefits from yoga. I always saw it as a lot of stretching and no physical exertion whatsoever. That was until I actually tried it.

Contrary to what you may believe, yoga is great for helping to build strength and flexibility. While you may not get the same impact when lifting weights, yoga can help build functional strength in the body. How else would you be able to do a headstand holding yourself up by just your forearms? Well that’s where the concentration part comes in too.

During the day, our bodies and minds are bombarded with stress from deadlines, family obligations and whatever else none sense the world can toss at us. The increased awareness of the body and mind help to bring you back to the present moment, and not worrying about anything else. Yoga can also help work out any of the physical effects felt in the body from stress. In one of my yoga classes I learned about prana, or “life energy,” and how it can get stuck from day-to-day life. Yoga helps you to tap into that energy and finding a stronger sense of self.

So where to start? There’s thousands of wonderful yoga videos online and on Youtube that you can start your practice right away. I highly recommend this morning yoga routine by Sarah Beth Yoga   to not only become more familar with common yoga poses such as downward dog, but to really start off your day on a strong foot. I also encourage you to not be afraid to try a class, an instructor will help you with proper form, which is critical to avoid injury.

How has your experiences been with yoga? Leave a note in the comments section below!


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